Builders / Remodelers

Imagine wowing your potential clients with stunning photos of projects that your company has completed. Beautiful images of your work can help them to see the attention to detail that your company provides.

Remodeling companies can benefit from transformation photos, showing the vast difference your remodel has created.

360 Virtual Tours can help the builder showcase the flow of a home to clients better than a floor plan or still photos alone.

A laborer with a few tools can frame a wall or sheath a roof but it takes an experienced craftsman with the proper tools to hang a door, trim the house and install cabinets. In the same manner anyone with a modern smart phone can take acceptable pictures of most homes, but it takes an experienced professional with proper camera equipment to take stunning photos. I take multiple exposures of a scene along with flash shots as necessary to ensure proper color representation and blend them together in software to create the best images possible for a given space. I also employ the rules of composition in order to create a stunning image that draws the viewer into the scene.

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