COVID 19 Rules

In order to limit contact and adhere to the CDC guidelines, we kindly ask everyone to follow our photoshoot prep guide prior to the appointment to minimize contact of personal property. No-one may be in the house while the photographer is there, you may be there to greet but must be wearing a mask and social distance. After the initial greeting you must leave the home until the photographer is finished. No pets may be in the home.

If anyone in the home is showing any symptoms or possibly exposed to COVID, the photographer must be contacted prior to the shoot in order to determine how to proceed.

In an effort to minimize contact with items in the home it will be shot “AS IS”. The photographer will not move or adjust items to provide more pleasing staging. All doors are to be open, all fans off and all window coverings open. Windows and mirrors should be clean and furniture dust free. Toilet seats CLOSED. Anything that you don’t want photographed should be hidden. Remove cars from the driveway.

We all need to work together to minimize the risk of transmitting this disease.